Why HKSIDataBase

Trusted by over 11,000+ candidates, let us help you to pass HKSI exams.

Benefits of Using HKSIDataBase

We understands there is a lot of options for HKSI exam preparation. For your easy reference, we have summarised reasons why HKSIDataBase is your number one choice for you to prepare HKSI examination.


Frequently updated database

Hard copies, physical books are great, however, the version will be stamped on the date of publish. HKSI exam covers a significant amount of concepts and the way they test the knowledge of candidates changes everyday. With HKSIDataBase, you will have the most up to date version to prepare your examination.



Turn your downtime into uptime

Statistically, around 15% of our life time wasted on “wait”. Meaning the time you spent on queuing for food, waiting for bus, waiting your friends to arrive before you can start lunch or dinner are all downtime.

With HKSIDataBase, 5000+ practice questions are all in your hands, study anytime with one-click login and you can prepare your HKSI examination.



Leverage the power of spaced learning

One of the most efficient way to reinforce what you have learnt is recalling the same piece of information from time to time. However, this can be challenging because you may not have time to prepare the content yourself and help your brain to recall the memory of what you have memorised or learnt from time to time.

HKSIDataBase practice questions structured in a way that we ask you the same concept in a different angle after a few quizzes. All you have to do is to follow the sequence of preparation and you will take spaced learning as your secret tool to study more efficiently.



Key study materials available

In our key study materials, we extract some frequently examined key concepts for you and attention to some key concepts.



Available Immediately

With years of experience, we have served over 11,000+ of candidates, HKSIDataBase allow you to practice immediately, no more time wasted in delivery of books and study materials. Available to you after payment immediately.



Adhere to the examination format

We mimic how HKSI exam is and formulate questions as tricky as it can. Practice not only the key concepts but also understanding the game rule is equally important.

Practice with our enormous database and familiar with the real examination format will help you to get prepared in exams better.



Monitor your progress

Have you heard of the term overkill? When do you know you have spent sufficient time in an exam or you still need a couple more days and have to reschedule the exam? This is rather difficult if you only relies on the official study manual and you will never know how well you have prepared for the exam until you get the draft result from HKSI (if you take the computer based exam).

Our unique practice questions are carefully structured so that you know how well you performed after each set of practice paper. Statistically, if you are able to complete at least 60% of our content and able to score 75% or more in our practice questions, though cannot guarantee, but will have a higher chance to succeed in the real examination.

This could definitely save your time is overkill in preparation of the exam and possibly money and time to retake the exam.

Amanda Xia He

Amanda works as a questions reviewer. She review our exam questions and study materials to ensure up to date contents for our clients.